About Drummer's Buddy

Committed to Drummers
Quality & Craftsmanship.

Who are we?

Drummers, Designers and Craftsmen.

At Drummer's Buddy we share your passion.

That's why our quality products have been hand-picked with expert knowledge and care.

We're a small collective of drummers, industry professionals, music specialists and leading manufacturers all coming together with one aim – to help drummers make music and be happy.

Our Ethos

Great Design & Craftsmanship.

“Designing a product is designing a relationship.” - Steve Rogers

At Drummer's Buddy we strive for perfection.

The ethos of Drummer's Buddy is defined by a set of values that underpin all our activities;

  • We only advocate products we believe in, that are effective and useful
  • We put quality and craftsmanship first
  • We only retail from authorised suppliers

We prioritise the customer, providing excellent service and guaranteed satisfaction


Our Promise

Great Service and Attention to Detail.

Shop with confidence at Drummer's Buddy.

At Drummer's Buddy, we make a promise to our customers:

Our Promise is to always offer the best quality goods at competitive prices.

Our Promise is to offer Hand Crafted, Custom Made and Bespoke items for you, with love and respect that match your high expectations.

Our Promise is to ensure our customers are satisfied with their purchase. If you are not satisfied you can simply return it to us and we will provide you with an exchange, refund or repair in line with the Drummer's Buddy's Return Policy.

Ask for help or advice by contacting us so we can ensure all of your needs are met

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